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Fitting Room

Fittting Room

At The Boobytrap Warehouse, we are passionate about making sure you are comfortable and in the right bra because we want you to be confident and feel you are getting the best support for your bust. 

Did you know that your breasts have NO muscle in them - they are simply supported by ligaments a bit like pieces of elastic and like elastic, once stretched they never regain their tightness!

If your bra doesn't fit correctly, it's not supporting your breasts and this can result in lasting pain.  Wearing the correct size bra not only makes you feel more comfortable but also enhances in your appearance and adds to your confidence.

It's easy to make sure your bra fits you correctly.  Just follow thes simple steps:

1) Always fit your bra on the loosest hooks

2) The underband should be snug but should still allow you to fit two fingers under it on either side

3) On your body, the back of your bra should be parallel with the front of the bra.  In other words the back of the bra should not be 'riding' up towards your shoulders!

4) If underwired, your breast should fill each cup within the wire casing

5) Your breasts should fill the cups without spilling over the top

6) The centre of the bra should lay flat against your body and seperate your breasts

7) The straps should be adjusted to between the shoulder and the elbow

8) We always recommend that you try your clothing on over the top of your bra to see your new shape.  Wearing the correct size bra will also enhance your clothing.

Find your size

Firstly, measure under your bust.  Make sure the tape is straight & firm but not uncomfortable and that it goes all the way around your body.  It's best to carry out this measurement when not wearing a bra or, if you do wear one, make sure you don't go over the bra or the underwire.  This measurement is your band or back size.

Step 1: Measure under your bust

Secondly, to measure your cup size, take the tape measure and place it around the widest part of your breasts (usually over the nipples) - unlike the first step, it can be best to do this whilst wearing a bra.  Make sure the tape is straight across your back and parallel to the floor.

Step 2: Measure your cup size

Lastly, check your two sizes against this chart to find your bra size. For example if you measure 78cm under your bust then you are a Body Size 14.  If you measure 101cm over your bust, then you fall within in the Cup size DD.  You are more than likely a 14DD. 

Body Size810121416182022

Under Bust   

 62 - 67   67 - 72   72 - 77   77 - 82  

 82 - 87  

 87 - 92   92 - 97   97 - 102  
  Cup A   77-79   82-84   87-89   92-94   97-99   102-104   107-109   112-114
  Cup B   79-81   84-86   89-91   94-96   99-101   104-106   109-111   114-116
  Cup C   81-83   86-88   91-93   96-98   101-103   106-108   111-113   116-118
  Cup D   83-85   88-90   93-95   98-100   103-105   108-110   113-115   118-120
  Cup DD   85-87   90-92   95-97   100-102   105-107   110-112   115-117   120-122
  Cup E   87-89   92-94   97-99   102-104   107-109   112-114   117-119   122-124
  Cup F   89-91   94-96   99-101   104-106   109-111   114-116   119-121   124-126
  Cup G   91-93   96-98   101-103   106-108   111-113   116-118   121-123   126-128


Remember that your body and bust can change almost daily depending on fluid retention, time of the month, illness etc.  The above chart is to be used as a guide only.  As a general rule, you should get professionally fitted every 6 months, and before, during & after pregnancy, and if you have gained or lost weight.  Also, just like clothes, bra sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  We have noted any size variations that we have found with manufacturers, in our Brand overviews.

If you have any questions, we are always here to help, just email us on

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